The Meaning Behind The Name  


Everybody has a story to tell 

In our lives, we can experience challenging situations and upheavals that are overwhelming.  These events, may take us beyond our 'normal' capacities for coping.  When someone is faced with a major crisis situation, there is a tendency to want at some stage, to discuss the experience, dilemma or event with a trusted person or persons.  At times, though we may have mixed feelings regarding who, how much should be said and what should be 'open' for discussion. It really can be an overwhelming experience.

Unfortunately, there can be a belief that disclosing these problems may be a burden to others, it may be assumed that others may not understand or minimise the impact of the event.  Unsolicited advice may be given which was not asked for and may be detrimental.  This may create a fractious situation.  Which causes a person or persons to 'shut down' if not supported appropriately or feel reluctant or afraid to confide in others in the future.   

So, what can we do? See a Counsellor.......
"Counselling falls under the umbrella term of "talking therapies" and allows people to discuss problems and any diffiult feelings they encounter in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment".

It can be quite a significant experience and a relief when a person feels that they are not alone, their experience has been validated, they have not been judged, they feel supported and listened to, within a safe and neutral environment, can be extremely healing.  It can be an extremely cathartic experience.  Even sitting with someone in silence and being in the moment is significant.  

Every person does have a story and a journey that is interwoven with many intricacies.  Sonder believes that you don't have to tell every detail of the whole story, only what you feel comfortable sharing, but at times just being able to acknowledge the story, can be enough. Counsellors are not here to cause further pain.   For many clients the greatest gift that they  receive and is given, is learning and know the significance of trust, and that they are not alone. 

Sonder is the start of the next chapter in the story -  because everybody has a story to tell.     

Your Story - Your Journey